Artificial intelligence

for early pathology detection

Our system integrates seamlessly into your workflow, allowing you to use artificial intelligence in your work to the maximum benefit without installing additional software and lengthy training.

How it works?

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You can choose the pathology of interest and study the functionality of our product as it would be seen in your dicom viewer.




[CT] Lung Nodules




[CT] Covid-19




[CT] Hypertension




[CT] Hydrothorax




[CT] Osteoporosis




[MRI] Lumbar spine




[CT] Aortic aneurysm




lung_nodules lung_nodules_0
covid_19 covid_19_0
hypertension hypertension
hydrothorax hydrothorax
osteoporosis osteoporosis
lumbar_spine lumbar_spine
lumbar_spine lumbar_spine
aortic_aneurysm aortic_aneurysm
About us

AIDiagnostic — unique AI Framework

Created by a young and ambitious team of professionals, based on the most modern developments in the field of AI, validated in specialized medical institutions, the AI Diagnostic platform gives the doctor a powerful and convenient means of detecting pathologies on CT and MRI images.

Our goal — is to make a smart, fast and reliable assistant

We are sure that in the near future AI will become an indispensable assistant to a radiologist, as self-evident as an X-ray machine once was.


AI Diagnostic services are already helping

Increase speed of study processing

There is no need to view hundreds of slices - the service will indicate the localization of pathologies

Reduce human-error rate

Now the radiologist has the right to get tired and skip pathology. The service will point to it

Find small-sized abnormalities

Even an attentive doctor may miss the formation of a small size. The service sees everything, it won't miss it

Relieve radiologists of routine work

It is difficult for a doctor to calculate the volume of the lesion. Service is a computer, it's easy for him

Make mass screening possible

Where can I get an army of doctors for seasonal or emergency screening? Use our services

Reduce operating costs

Speeding up research processing will help make all processes faster and cheaper


Ai Diagnostic is able to work with different modalities and more than 10 different pathologies

A significant expansion of the product line is planned for 2023-2024


Studies of different modalities obtained on the devices of all the world's largest manufacturers

>400.000 studies

Was processed by AI Diagnostic services at the request of customers

>70 CT/MRI machines

Connected to AI Diagnostic services simultaneously

6 new services

Are in development right now

Usage Scenarios

Faster work of radiologists, higher diagnostic accuracy

For medical institutions willing to optimize workload of their radiologists and minimize human error risk

Prospective screening

Population-based screening for a specific pathology that without application of the service would cause multiple workload increase for radiologists

Speeding-up and simplification of diagnostic process

Results of the automatic study processing may be submitted directly to clinicians, bypassing radiologists

Retrospective screening

Automated detection of pathologies within the available database of patients who previously underwent examinations related to other diseases
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  • Kneza Mihailova 13, Belgrade 104102, Serbia

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